Gwydir Water Services

What makes Gwydir Water Services stand out from the rest?

We are dedicated to helping our clients and have an extensive network with knowledge in solar pumps, submersibles, bores and infrastructure. We are water meter installation and validation certified technicians. We can offer as certified installers, validation, maintenace and more to satisfy compliance with the Australian Federal and NSW Government water metering specification for non-urban water meters, introduced in 2019.

We are a family owned and operated Solar Pump, submersible and bore pumping company based in the New England region of NSW. We have local knowledge and an invaluable background in water. Gwydir Water offers many services associated with water. We can discuss and help design your water needs providing you with a quote and flow chart so you can see exactly what we are recommending.

Our team can organise diviners, drillers, quote and supply solar pump systems, submersible pumps, troughs, run pipe in, supply and install water tanks and we also have an excavator to install pipework. Our company has been helping clients for over 15 years, we have an extensive range of products available and in stock. We are award winning Lorentz pump suppliers.

  • Lorentz Solar Pumps are our chosen supplier, the most trusted name in Solar Pumps.
  • Reaqua are the importers of Lorentz Solar Pumps in Australia another locally owned family run business based in Tamworth NSW

Why choose Gwydir Water Services?

We provide many extras with the installation of a new Solar Pump System

  • A 2-year warranty on pump, motor and controller
  • Quality RVK submersible motor wire
  • 600mm long glued heat shrink to main motor cable (3 layers)
  • 400mm long glued heat shrink to well probe
  • Conduit used on all cables from the bore to the controller
  • Bird spikes installed to top of Solar Panels
  • Tap installed for convenience with washing Solar Panels, filling spray units or a drink bottle
  • Sun sensor installed to prolong motor life
  • Quality Clenergy Arrays installed in concrete (not quickset)
  • A large variety of parts kept in stock.
  • Water Meter Installation and Validation Certified Technician.