Bore Tests

22nd Nov 2018

We have done a lot of bore test lately on a few property's on windmill bores and found in most cases there’s been good water under these old mills. Most of the time finding there is 3 to 5 times the amount of water than they were getting with t... more details

New Excavator

30th Oct 2018

Gwydir Water Services has purchased a new Excavator used for Pipe laying, installing new troughs and tanks, can also do installations for electrical conduit. It has a 200, 350 mm trenching buckets and mud plus ripper and 400 and 200 auger all availab... more details

Water Boy Solar Pump System in Inverell

20th Sep 2018

After discussions and consulting with our clients on site in Inverell, Gwydir Water Service came up with a cost saving answer to their water problems. It was decided that a BW Solar, Water Boy Solar Pump System would do the job for them. We pulled u... more details

Graman Lorentz Solar Pump

6th Aug 2018

We recently installed a Lorentz 4000 Pump on a Graman property. This system has 27 /270 Watt Solar Panels pumping water up 5Km of poly pipe supplying water to stock, house and garden. Removed the old generator and submersible pump which required dai... more details

The Benefits of a Lorentz Solar Pump

19th Jul 2018

Gwydir Water Services recently removed a 10 foot Southern Cross Windmill. The mill wasn't able to keep up with the water demands required by the owner. After discussion with the client, we installed a New Lorentz Solar pump system. Why: - The wind... more details

Lorentz Solar Pump installation in Delungra

6th Jul 2018

This Lorentz Solar Pump was installed in Delungra NSW on the owners Dam. It supplies water for irrigation at the house, cattle and horses. It is fed into a 10.000 gallon Clark poly water tank and is pumped out to the house and sprinklers using a Fran... more details

Solar Pump Install at Mt Russell

21st Jun 2018

We recently installed a Lorentz Solar pump at a Mt Russell Property to take place of a 12 Foot Southern Cross Windmill which was wrecked in a wind storm. The Solar lifts up 38m from the bore and into a water tank that feeds 5 paddocks. This removes... more details

Waterboy Solar Pump in Glen Innes

17th May 2018

This Solar Pump in Glen Innes delivers water out of a river up a hill to a poly tank with a total head of 65m and supplies an average of 14000 LPD to water stock. It replaced a daily, some times twice a day job of a 1.5km trip to the river to start ... more details

For Sale

17th May 2018

For sale 2nd hand Windmills and Jack pumps from 8 foot to 12 foot with 30 foot towers Between $500 to $3000 depending on size and condition... more details

Major Overhaul 10ft Comet in Graman

26th Mar 2018

On an inspection we found a broken Crosshead with worn main bearing. Gwydir Water Services ordered a new Major Overhaul kit through Comet Windmill which includes driveshaft, connecting rod, crosshead with pins and dowels, swivel, and bearings. We r... more details

Lorentz Solar Pump Installation in Bingara

26th Mar 2018

This Solar Pump in Bingara is pumping water out of a bore 20m deep pumping up 2.5Km of pipe to a Pioneer 110000 LT poly lined water tank with a total head of 110m delivering 35000LPD to water stock and homestead. It replaced 4 leak dams and 2 Windmi... more details

Bore Pump

26th Mar 2018

Devind water, drilled water, installed a Water Boy Solar Pump. Opened up 400 acres that hasn't had reliable water, and troughs were installed in other paddocks that releaved the presure on the other bores. ... more details