Fun in the sun

05th Jul 2022
Amanda Dean

The sun is shining and we are excavationg the site to begin one of our latest jobs.Starting with the removal of an old line drive Mono pump system powered by a diesel motor. We treated the bore before commencing as it contained a high iron oxide readigng which was starting to build up in the pipes. After flushing the bore for 24 hours, smoothing out the site and removing the orignal old shed housing the pump, it was time to start to put the the form work together for the concrete footings. We then erected the Clenenergy terrace system for the solar panels.

A Lorentz PS@ 4000 HRE32 system was selected to do the job with 14 solar pannels. This pump supplies an average of 47000 Ltrs per day up 2.4kms of polypipe with a static head of 85meters reticulating to 14 new conrete troughs and a small feedlot. The advantage of using the Lorentz PS2 4000 HR32 helical rotor pump is the ability to pump large volumes of water up small pipe saving our clients money on the pipe while achieving a great result. The decision to replace the Mono pump has not only saved our clients money on fuel but also valuable time as the staff were having to continuosly fill the tank on the generator to keep it running during the day then go back at night to turn it off.

At Gwydir Water Services we have our own excavator, a hydraulic pipe pulling when to lift your bore pipes, contractors for the larger earth moving jobs, drillers for new bore holes. We have a large variety of fittings, access to Solar pumps and panels. We have treatments avaiable for your water including magnetic treatments to help with calcium and oxides.

To discuss your water needs give the team at Gwydir Water Services a call.

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