Lorentz PS2 600-HR10 Solar Pump

23rd Mar 2021

Gwydir Water Services have been extremely busy over the past few weeks meeting up with clients and discussing and planning their water needs. We pride ourselves in delivering the best possible solution for our client’s needs. Visiting the client’s property is an option available when they have a large area of land, they are trying to get water to. The planning of which Solar pump and pipe size is critical in the successful outcome of our work. The pipe size can make a huge difference to not only the price, but the volume of water pumped. Meeting up with our clients and designing an individual package for their needs is satisfying for ourselves and reassuring for our clients.
On one of our recent jobs, we used a Lorentz PS2 600-HR 10 Solar pump which is capable of pumping 2000LPH and up to 80m’s of head.
This particular system was replacing an old Mono line drive helical rotor pump with a diesel motor. This fantastic Lorentz system not only saves the client money for fuel and maintenance on the diesel pump but also on time and running costs of a vehicle and staff having to start the pump three times a week with a 60km round trip each day.
This Lorentz system has the capability to pump long distances and into the next paddock where our client was relying on an old well which had just collapsed leaving them with only one small dam with very little water.
The Lorentz Solar system chosen is a great asset to our clients who were considering drilling a new bore and then having to equip it with another new system, but by using this pump we were able to give our clients more diversity. The Lorentz PS2 600 – HR 10 pump is a fantastic option for pumping great distances.

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