I should have done this years ago

23rd Mar 2021

“I should have done this years ago”

Its always satisfying to help our clients meet their water needs. Recently we were hired to pull down an old rusted worn out windmill, needing a head and bearing rebuild, new buckets and all new pipes. After discussing the clients needs it was recommended, they replace it with a new Lorentz Solar System.
Windmills have served their purpose over the years but with OH&S regulations and increasing insurances it was a no brainer to bring this property up to date with a new Lorentz PS2 600 delivering 7-8000 litres per day. Its not a huge amount of water but its what the bore is capable of, it services the house and stock. The clients can have sprinklers running and know the water is available without stressing about rotten pipes and creaking windmill heads. Our clients are thrilled with the new system and said as we were leaving the property “I should have done this years ago”.
With the hot weather upon us its important to start thinking about your water needs and secure a new Lorentz Solar System, not only will it save you time but money too. We can highly recommend these reliable systems. Lorentz Solar Systems are the leading brand in Solar pumps, and we are proud to be working closely with this incredible company.
To discus your water needs please call Simon from Gwydir Water Services on 0438 79 1079 we also have a web page, check out some of our jobs we’ve done.
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