Lorentz PS2 4000 with 21 panels

26th May 2021

Gwydir Water Services were very busy during May, after meeting up with our clients on site, driving over the property and discussing what they were trying to achieve we came up with a Lorentz system and pipeline that would do the job. This latest job was in the town of Bukkulla where we installed a Lorentz PS2 400 system with 21 solar panels, we erected the panels onto 4 large strip footings that were formed and poured on the site with the assistance of our excavator digging and smoothing the site.
This system pumps and average of 53,000Litres per day up 5km of pipeline with a 75meter head. It fills a 250,000 litre water tank and several troughs. The Lorentz PS2 4000 is a quality pumping system enabling the client to water their property with confidence and ease. The volume of water enables the carrying capacity to increase with the confidence of being able water stock.
This system was chosen due to the smaller pipe diameter which can be used over this long distance saving the client a substantial amount of money. The pump and motor have been placed into a steel sleeve to help protect from raging flood waters. Another happy client with an award-winning product.
Gwydir Water Services is a small family owned and operated business in the New England region, we are award winning agents for Lorentz Solar Pumps and have extensive knowledge in our field. We have a list of Diviners and Drillers we use to compliment our work. If you need a new water system for your property large or small, don’t hesitate to call Simon on 0438 79 1073

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