Diviner and Drillers help out our client.

01st Dec 2021
Amanda Dean

What a big and exciting month the team at Gwydir Water Services have had. One of our latest jobs was coming up with a solution for an existing client whose well was collapsing. We met the client on site to assess the situation, the old well was in such a bad state we reccommended a cost effective resolution of getting the Diviner in and drilling for a new bore. The Diviner was able to find a new clean water source only 20 meters from the existing hole.

This decision enabled our client to have a new clean reliable water source where we could hook up the existing Lorentz Solar Pump, excavate a trench and relay the pipes saving our client large amounts of money. Cleaning out the old well and not having the assurance of the well being stable and producing the water needed was not viable.

The new bore is now producing 2500GPH of clean fresh water. We have a great team that work along side our business. Our Diviners and Drillers are of the highest quality and deliver the best results for our clients. We are happy to discuss your water needs and help come up with a budget and plan that suits you.

Gwydir Water Services can organise a quote and offer advice on the best pump for your job. We are leading distributors of Lorentz Solar Pumps, we also supply and fit submersible pumps, tanks, troughs and fittings. We have our own excavator and ripper to complete your job. If you have a bigger job we can organise our contractors to lay the pipe. 

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