Lorentz 4000 HRE -32 installation

19th Aug 2020

How fantastic has the rain been! Even after this beautiful event we still have dams that have little or no water.


Summer is on its way and its time to seriously be thinking about your water needs, before it gets too hot and

You become desperate. ** Take advantage of the $150,000 Government instant tax right off offer.


We have drillers and diviners to help with your water requirements but they take time to organise and you

Need to obtain a licence to drill before this can take place.


We can organise your Solar pumps, panels, poly pipe,  water tanks and all the installations, but please

start thinking about it now, before the weather gets too hot.


This new Lorentz 4000 HRE-32 with 8 solar panel can deliver 41,000 litres of water per day using 2000 meters

of poly pipe with a 65meter head and it can be increased to 56,000 litres per day by adding 8 more panels, if our

client’s needs changed.


The Lorentz 4000 HRE-32 is the most commonly used pump size used in the Northern Territory, North QLD

And  WA on large cattle stations due to its ability to deliver the large volumes of water using smaller diameter

Poly pipe, which saves the client big money when installing the pipe line. The helical rotor range of pump ends

Made by Lorentz are huge, there is a pump end to suit all applications.


To discuss your water needs, drillers, diviner’s and licence applications, give us a call.

We want to help you organise the best water solutions for your property and work out what pumps systems

are best for you.


We can supply and install solar and submersible pump systems,  supply water tanks, install poly pipe, set up

troughs and more.


** Don’t forget to take advantage of the Governments $150,000 instant tax right off offer.


Please give Simon Dean from Gwydir Water Services a call to discuss your water needs 0438 79 1073