The Benefits of a Lorentz Solar Pump

Lorentz solar panel
19th Jul 2018

Gwydir Water Services recently removed a 10 foot Southern Cross Windmill. The mill wasn't able to keep up with the water demands required by the owner. After discussion with the client, we installed a New Lorentz Solar pump system.

- The windmill couldn’t keep up with the owner’s water demands.
- Wind droughts mean that the windmill isn’t pumping water to fill troughs and tanks.
- The windmill wasted water when tanks were full and overflowing due to not having a cut-off.

Benefits of the Lorentz Solar Pump System:
- Delivers a larger amount of water with an average of 17,000 LPD all year round.
- Solar Pump features a double float valve and pressure cut-off switch.
- Water tanks have an Observant Tank Monitor installed which enables the owners to check water tank heights on their smart phone any time of the day or night.
- Peace of mind that tanks and troughs are filling without overflowing.

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