Bundarra Bore with Lorentz Solar Systems

14th Jun 2019

The team at Gwydir Water Services have been very busy this month helping clients with their water needs. One of their clients at Bundarra employed Jason Mannion Drilling to drill two bore holes.

The drillers had great success with the first hole coming in at 145meters deep delivering 600 Gallons/Per Hour. The second hole was 85 meters deep delivering 1000 Gallons/Per Hour.

This property has relied on springs and shallow wells for generations, but due to the dry conditions of the drought these sources had dried up leaving the client in distress.

Gwydir Water Services equipped the 145 meter bore with a Lorentz 4000 system delivering 1800 Litres/Per Day  and sending the water up to 2 tanks, which is then gravity fed back to troughs.

The second bore at 85meters was fitted with a Lorentz 1800 system and delivered 22000 Litres/Per Day also going to two tanks but, this time the tanks were up on a hill. This water is also gravity fed back to troughs throughout the property giving the property owner peace of mind.

The decision to drill bores and fit them with the Lorentz Solar Systems has given the property owners a reliable water source for their stock and the future.

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