Solar Aerator

15th Jul 2019

The drought has had a big impact on everyone in rural NSW, it’s the perfect time for reaching out to other small family run businesses in the area and lending a helping hand. We have been buying delicious Trout products from Deano’s Trout Farm in Guyra for the last few years, its an amazing product, we love it! If you haven't visited their farm, do yourself a favour a take the family up for a day of fishing, taste testing or relax by the beautiful ponds.

Gwydir Water Services along with Reaqua (Lorentz) are trialing a new Solar aerator unit at Deano’s Trout Farm on one of his many growing out ponds. These aerators add oxygen to the water to help keep fish alive in dams, ponds, creeks, tanks ect, where ever water can stagnate these  aerators will add oxygen to the water to reduce algae and help keep the fish and estuary healthy.

Since the trial was set up its been showing great results the oxygen levels have gone from 10.3 mg of oxygen per litre to 14.8 mg per litre. This particular unit runs on 2/185 watt solar panels with a Lorentz PS2 - 150 controller and motor.

It gives us great satisfaction to be helping a local farmer and his family with this wonderful opportunity. Thank you to Deano, and Reaqua for being apart of this great trial.

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