Glen Elgin Solar Pump

09th Jan 2020

The team at Gwydir Water Services have been extremely busy over the past few months, this is one of our latest jobs we’ve installed.

After consulting with our client, it was decided to put a Lorentz 1800 HR 23 system with 6 solar panels at the property in Glen Elgin delivering a huge 26,000 litres of water per day.

The old existing system was providing water to two residential homes and a stock yard. Updating to a Lorentz solar system enabled our client to pump water to a 10,000 gallon tank that was installed up on a hill, 800 meters away and adding new poly pipe lines meant that the new Lorentz system could provide water to two homes, a stock yard and 6 concrete troughs around the property.

This investment gave the client the opportunity to open up his country and increase the carrying capacity of stock.

The new Lorentz Solar System not only helped with the large amount of water being pumped to various points around the property,  it also saved our client valuable time and money not having to drive down to the creek to top up the diesel driven Helical Rotor pump twice a day. Lorentz is not only a fantastic reliable product, its cost effective too.

Water is essential to every property and you need a good reliable system that is going to deliver this precious resource. We highly recommend the Lorentz Solar Systems. Please call Simon on 0438 79 1073 to discuss your water needs. If you are thinking of drilling for a bore we can advise you on your options and requirements needed. We have a great connection with drillers in our area. We also have an excavator that we use to drill holes for the footing before we lay the concrete pads for our systems. Gwydir Water Services are a local family owned business, looking after our community.

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