Water flow design options

12th Feb 2020

One of this month’s Solar jobs

This new bore site was divined and drilled by FB Drilling, Sam and Scott were organised through Gwydir Water Services to drill the bore, it was air tested by FB Drilling at 4000 Gallons Per Hour on the day which was an awesome result.

The client wanted to pump test the flow and organised Gwydir Water Services to do a flow test a few days later. Gwydir Water Services found that the bore had a slightly better flow rate after testing which was good peace of mind to have for the client who was investing money on infrastructure to improve the farms carrying capacity while also adding value to their farm.

Gwydir Water services then provided a few different designs options on different flows to get the best result with the most water up the existing pipeline in one day.

The team from Gwydir Water managed to get an average of 55,000 Litres per day with a top of 58,000 Litres per day out of a Lorentz PS2 4000 HR-32. This pump is great for getting large amounts of water up long distances of pipe. This system is also enabling a 1Km extension of the pipeline and a further 30m lift in the future to supply water to other parts of the property that only have dams, which we all now know don’t hold water in a drought.

Previously the client had a Windmill, an Air well pump and relied on dams. These systems only supplied around 9,000 Litres per day, now the client receives a massive 55,000 litres per day with no electricity bills from the air well pump, no maintenance on windmills or bucket replacement needed.

To discuss and plan your water needs give Simon a call at Gwydir Water Service. 0438791073

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