Emmaville Solar Pump

03rd Apr 2020

This is one of our latest jobs been completed at Emmaville NSW. The team from Gwydir Water Services installed a new Lorentz Solar pump system which replaced a NOV Mono Pump. The installation was a Lorentz Pump, motor and controller which enables the client to pump more water per watt of power, it also has better surge protection. The client can see what is happening through the Lorentz pump scanner app on his phone, it can monitor the pumps hourly , daily, monthly or yearly performance. These water flows give our clients the confidence to make vital decisions on how many head of stock they can put on their property using this water system.

At this stage the client is receiving good water with the new pump system we have installed. By upgrading to 330 watt panels the client could receive an extra 8000 Litres per day which would not have been an achievable outcome using the old Mono pump.

This water system will also be equipped with a “Dit Technology Supplement Injecting System” to provide all year round supplements for stock, administered straight through the water system as needed.

If you are interested in a water system that has low operational and maintenance costs, speak to the expert team from Gwydir Water Services today on 0438 791 079.

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