Glen Innes Dam Pump for Stock Water

16th Mar 2020

Gwydir Water Service installed a new Lorentz Solar Pumping system in a dam float recently in Glen Innes. It was a PS2 200 HR 07 with 2 /330 watt solar panels.

This system supplies an average of 13000 Litres per day up to a tank 400m away and 13 meters in height, then gravity feeds back down 3.5 km of poly pipe to 11 new concrete troughs which were installed by Allan Kent of Glen Innes 0418 888 315.

Our Client built a new 11 mg spring fed dam because all the small dams didn’t last when there was no rain, they were also losing cattle in the small dams due to getting stuck. This new dam and system will not only provide a more reliable water source but will enable our client to install a  supplement injecting system into the water line which will flow into all the new concrete water troughs in all paddocks.

This gives our client confidence and reassurance knowing that he has a reliable system providing water and supplements to his livestock saving time and money without the waste of costly labor, blocks and dry licks.

For further information contact Gwydir Water Services, Simon on 0438791073

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