Gum Flat Water Solution

26th Nov 2019

The team at Gwydir Water Services have certainly been busy over the past few months coming up with great water solutions for our clients needs.

Our latest job at Gum Flat was drilled by the team at Unidrill.

This pumping system is a Lorentz PS2 4000 with a HRE 32 stator and rotor pump. These systems are great for delivering large amounts of water up high heads with smaller pipe lines than a centrifugal pump.

The system is powered by 16 x 275 watt Jinko Solar panels mounted on a Clenenergy array. The footings are 1000 deep x 300 wide and have a 450 x 450 pad on top to hold the array and panels in place.

This system delivers 38,000 litres per day during Winter and 46,000 litres per day in Summer with a lift of 95 meters and using 63 mm pipe.

This Lorentz pumping system supplies water to 3 houses and livestock on the property.

If you would like to discuss your water needs with the professionals, give Simon Dean at Gwydir Water Services a call.

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